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Open Road Alliance – Open Road Alliance Response to COVID-19

Agency / Department: Open Road Alliance

Resource: Open Road Alliance Response to COVID-19

Details: Charitable Grants

Charitable Grants will only be offered to organizations responding directly to COVID-19.

Open Road will be offering four loan products to organizations affected by COVID-19:

Lost Event Revenue
Accelerating Incoming Emergency Funds
Co-investment to Support Social Enterprises
Deep Impact Loans
As always, all of our grant and loan products will be subject to Open Road’s traditional criteria:

We only make a loan or grant to an organization that is (1) otherwise fully funded, then (2) hit an unexpected, external roadblock (i.e., COVID-19), where (3) Open Road’s loan can fully solve the problem at hand and (4) demonstrate the potential to create catalytic impact. In this time of exceptional need, we will be prioritizing impact.


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