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Labette County – COVID-19 recovery grant program

Agency / Department: Labette County

Resource: COVID-19 recovery grant program

Details: “The grant money will be distributed to three sizes of companies: sole proprietorships, small businesses with one to five employees and larger companies with six to 50 employees. These businesses must have at least 51% of their employees in the low- to moderate income category to qualify for funding, and employees therefore must provide income information before any money is distributed. At this time, Zaleski estimates that sole proprietorships may qualify for up to $3,000, small businesses (one to five employees) may qualify for up to $6,000 and the larger businesses with six to 50 employees may qualify for up to $9,000.

Zaleski said businesses that received payroll protection funding, unemployment assistance or economic injury disaster loans may apply, but their applications will be held until businesses that did not receive those benefits apply and receive funding. These held applications would be considered at the Aug. 7 deadline.”


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