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Kansas Department of Commerce – Hospitality Industry Relief Emergency Fund

Agency / Department: Kansas Department of Commerce

Resource: Hospitality Industry Relief Emergency Fund

Details: The Kelly Administration has established the Hospitality Industry Relief Emergency (HIRE) Fund to provide bridge loans for Kansas’ hospitality sector during the COVID-19 crisis.

Governor Kelly is committed to providing support to our state’s small businesses, and she understands this pandemic is an especially serious challenge for the hospitality industry. In order to sustain operations for this sector, the administration has allocated $5 million for a round of bridge loans to hospitality businesses.

Eligible businesses in Kansas will be able to apply for a one-time loan of up to $20 thousand at 0% interest for a period of 36 months. There will be no principal or interest payments for the first four months.

How to apply: As of 4/6 all initial funds have been awarded, but still accepting applications.


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