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AT&T – Distance Learning and Family Connections Fund

Agency / Department: AT&T

Resource: Distance Learning and Family Connections Fund

Details: Unveiled a $10M to give parents, students and teachers tools they need for at-home learning, and to provide resources to maintain meaningful connections for those isolated from family and friends. AT&T pledged to not disconnect residential or small business customers who do not pay their bill for internet, home phone service, or broadband for the next 60 days; will not charge late payment fees if they are due to economic hardship related to the coronavirus pandemic; and pledged to keep its network of public WiFi hotspots open “for any American who needs them.” Click here to learn more. For more on AT&T’s latest updates, click here.

AT&T gives 20% bonus to frontline employees. To show our appreciation for our frontline employees, effective March 25 and until further notice, we’ll pay a 20% bonus above the regular hourly base rate of pay to bargained-for employees for all time worked in the office or at home. We appreciate our employees’ commitment to being there for our customers and each other.


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